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James Elsey is an emerging, London-based composer who graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music with a Degree in Creative Sound Design.

James is a versatile music writer, drawing influence from many dramatically different genres and is able to fuse classic orchestral and contemporary styles in his work. Youth-fuelled and dynamic, James has an increasingly sought-after-sound and always delivers to brief.

Passionate about Video Games and interactive Music; he contributed a terrifying, yet emotional score for Welcome To Hanwell; a psychological open world Horror game, available on PC, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch. He also worked with Gameumentary, a popular Youtube Channel with almost two million lifetime views; on their feature length Documentary on renowned game developer Larian Studios and their acclaimed 'Divinity: Original Sin' games. Followed by a 3 part episodic series about New World Interactive and the 'Insurgency' franchise. Currently he is working on an unannounced video game project outside his usual high intensity music style in games.


James has also worked on a number of Short Films with screenings at various film events across London; including Handle (Horror) and Preacher Preacher (Drama). As well as Promotional and Advertising content with notable companies such as; News UK (including a winning submission in the 2012 Media Week Awards) Mercedes Benz, Taco BellWalker BooksFashion Capital and the British Film Institute (BFI) who selected his Synthwave track 'Vibe City' as the soundtrack to their annual Future Film Festival Trailer.

The Animated Short he contributed Music and Sound Design on, No Kittens In Paradise has been received with praise at Festivals across the globe. Premiering at Pictoplasma, Berlin and also shown at Animation Block Party NY, Animation Block Party London, ANIMFEST Athens & Wasteland Film Festival, California City.

A very successful contributor to Music Production Libraries, James has composed music for: Universal Production Music (UK), BMG (UK), SPM Music Group (USA), Frontier Trailer Music (USA)Phantom Power (USA) and No Sheet Music (UK).

Nathan Seedhouse
Video Game Director - Steel Arts Software
Aaron Gardner
Head Of Design - News UK

"I worked with James for 4-5 months employing him to work on my game, Welcome to Hanwell. In this time, not only did he produce an atmospheric, engaging and incredible original soundtrack. He went above and beyond the role he was assigned and helped with many other aspects of development.

It was rare I had to give direction but when I did it was taken on board and he always delivered. Creating music that perfectly complimented the mood and tone I had set in the game, and in fact, many times he created music from nothing but a brief, which the rest of us would then use as inspiration in development.

I couldn't recommend James as a composer highly enough. Just listen to the work, it speaks for itself".

Sergio Rosa
Video Game Director - The Domaginarium

"I think James is a very talented artist, who can easily get what we are going after with the project. Besides, he's very dedicated and is always willing to go the extra mile so we get perfect results".

"James has proven time and time again that not only is he an expert in his field of Composing/Sound Design but he is a consistent, reliable and friendly person to work with. He takes into account the exact requirements for the task and projects them superbly within his music.

I would recommend James to anyone, he is a versatile Composer/Sound Designer and likes to think outside of the box which gives his work the edge that is needed in today's highly competitive market".

Swantje Wenz
Animation Director

"Working with James has been a real pleasure. He’s a skilled music composer and sound designer, bringing his own ideas and suggestions to the project. He is passionate and enthusiastic about his work, very reliable, a good communicator and delivers on time. If you're looking for an audio ace on your next project James is a great choice".

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