Welcome To Hanwell
Video Game (PC/PS4/Xbox One/Switch)

Welcome To Hanwell is an open world survival horror game developed by Steel Arts Software and released in 2017.

An almost 2 hour score was composed for the game; covering music for the fictional town of Hanwell's varied locations, it's terrifying monsters and the games underlying narrative, which ends with an intense showdown with a madman known only as 'The Doctor'.

"And the music fits in perfectly. It almost sounds like a more classic horror soundtrack, swelling at just the right times, as the dread gets more and more intense".

"The best part of the game is the music, it sets the tone and adds to the creepiness".

"This game has the most intense music ever".

Vertical Layering in Wwise
Interactive Music demonstration and Destiny 2 Redesign

Captured footage from Wwise showing implementation of an Orchestral Action/Sci-Fi track, composed for the Vertical Layering technique of interactive music for video games. As well as a redesign showing how the system would work in a short clip from Destiny 2.

The Track has 3 layers of intensity, which can transition based on the following game states; Exploration, Combat & Heavy Combat. The music system waits for for next bar to transition between states for smoother transitions. An ending stinger plays once the objective has been completed to end the track.

This video was used as part of a Game Audio presentation 'Better Interactive Music For Games - An Introduction To Wwise', at the London Unreal Engine Meetup on Wednesday 13th February 2019. 

Darkest Dungeon: Documentary
Documentary (Feature)

Gameumentary is a popular Youtube channel and subsidiary of The Escapist, with total views exceeding two million. Founded by Nick Calandra, the channel produces high quality, feature length video game documentaries, involving travel to developer studios across the globe for detailed interviews with the development team.

Their latest feature length Documentary tells the story of Red Hook Studios and how the studios debut title 'Darkest Dungeon' became a critically acclaimed, financial success; sticking to their initial vision in spite of personal and financial issues in getting the game funded.

Insurgency: The Documentary Series
Documentary Series (3 Episodes)

Gamementary's biggest Documentary project to date, delves deep into the origins of independent developer 'New World Interactive' and the 'Insurgency' First Person Shooter franchise across its 3 episode run time. Detailing the studios struggles and major success up to latest title 'Insurgency: Sandstorm', as well as expansion into Studios in Amsterdam, Colorado and now Calgary.

Divinity: Original Sin Documentary
Documentary (Feature)

This feature length Documentary explores the very beginnings of Larian Studios and the Divinity franchise. It tells the story of the struggles the studio faced on their journey to becoming an independent studio, and how each game in the Divinity franchise laid the foundation for what would become, Original Sin.

Taco Bell - Incepator?
TV Spot (Romania)

This TV Spot for Taco Bell in the Romanian Advertising Market, used James' track 'Guardians Of Hope' licensed through No Sheet Music.

The epic scale and shooting style in the advert is reflected through the track's grand Orchestral style with Choir.

Horror Film (Short)

A short Film in which a young woman is trapped in a small bathroom, with something terrifying trying to get to her from the other side of the door.

The Director wanted the music to be a throwback to the classic John Carpenter style Horror scores of the 70s/80s, at the same time mixing more traditional modern horror and aleatoric elements.

Directed by Aidan Sheridan, Holepunch Pictures and Premiered at the 'Making Films' December 2018 Screening in London.

No Kittens In Paradise
Animation (Short)

No Kittens in Paradise tells the story of two powerful warriors performing a tribal dance in preparation for war, before teaming up to feed a greater force.

Directed and animated by Swantje Wenz; the film premiered at the Pictoplasma Animation Festival in Berlin.

As well as showings at various Festivals across the world including; Animation Block Party New York, Animation Block Party London, ANIMFEST Athens & Wasteland Film Festival, California City.

BFI Future Film Festival Trailer
Online Spot (Trailer)

"The UK’s most important film industry festival for young, emerging filmmakers is back with another jam-packed line up of events that will inspire you to make films and provide you with the industry insights you need to pursue a career in the film, TV and creative industries".

The British Film Institute (BFI) selected my Synthwave track 'Vibe City' to be the Soundtrack to the Festival's Trailer; used in promotional material across social media and played across the Festivals two day event at BFI HQ in Southbank London.

Captain Crunch
Corporate (Short)

Winner at the 2012 Media Week Awards, in the Large Campaign Category (£1 Million +).

A promotional video on behalf of News UK to showcase The Sun's 'Captain Crunch' campaign; a multi-million pound deal with supermarket chain Tesco, in which the paper helped it's readers during the recession with money off voucher, money saving tops and bargains.

The campaign was the companies first win at the prestigious event and this video was played live to the audience as the team picked up their Award.

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